Mother Mary

Mary Barker, aka Mother Mary, is the owner of Mother Mary's Canning Company. The company, operated by Mary and her husband, Bob, uses only fresh produce from Michigan farmers. Our hand-packed, small-batch products meet the highest standards of quality. These tasty creations are nutritious and reminiscent of an earlier time when grandma's shelves were stocked with delicious homemade recipes.

  • I was at your booth today. I came from the craft show. I got the pickled beets, asparagus and bread and butter pickles. My husband loved the beets and I loved the pickles. Haven't tried the asparagus yet. Just wanted to let you know. I will see you in May when I'm there for craft show. Deahn Kark Hagelee
  • "GOOD Stuff! The pickled asparagus is Connie's and my favorite!! MMMmmmmmm! The hot bits are great on a stick in a Bloody Mary too." George Warner
  • "We got some of your apple butter bbq sauce and loved it for chicken the other night! So good." Olivia Dusseau
  • "By far the BEST SALSA that I have ever tasted!!!" Michael Harding
  • "Love the chutney." Lila Van Assche
  • "Eating some pickled beets right now! Love them." Betsy Gahn
  • "Excited that you are close...bought the beet horseradish relish, cranberry chutney and another relish at the farmers market last summer ....loved all and want more !!! Thank you!" Judy A. Sarosik
  • "The asparagus salsa is absolutely awesome. You've got to try it." Carol Steiger
  • "Nice clean place with friendly smiles to greet you. Food is delicious." Lela Beckman
  • "It’s great to see another Cheboygan based business doing so well." Jim Conboy
  • "Good to see you yesterday! The harvest relish is delicious! Saving the pickled asparagus and beets for later!" Julie Shimunek
  • "MM’s dilly beans are delightfully sassy!" Lori Oosterhouse