Beet Horseradish Relish – Pints $7

Suggested uses: Great on bratwurst, pork, turkey and beef; eat out of jar, sandwich spread, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, chips.

This traditional Polish relish is a favorite condiment enjoyed worldwide. Beet Horseradish Relish is found in Ukranian Easter baskets and is a must on the holiday table at Easter and Christmas. Serve with Easter ham and hard boiled eggs. It is a superb accompaniment to roasts, smoked meats and sausages. A savory topping for deli sandwiches. Great with brisket and prime rib. It compliments the classic German pairing of sauerbraten and spaetzle. Great with scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, right out of the jar and on the side of any dinner plate.

RZ Pond7545 Beet Horse Radish

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