Pickled Beets – Pints $7, Quarts $11

Recipe for Harvard Pickled Beets

Warm pint or quart of Mother Mary’s Canning Co. Pickled Beets to a slight boil

Thicken with corn starch and water or flour and water mixture.

Remove from heat

Add dollop of butter

Salt and butter to taste

Great addition to Thanksgiving and Easter dinner tables


Suggested uses: Add to green-leaf salads, potato and pasta salads, cole slaw, risotto;  serve with cracker or crostini with goat or other specialty cheese, slice on ham, turkey or beef deli sandwiches; serve with smoked salmon, crème fraiche and horseradish; use to make a buttermilk beet borscht; make Harvard beets, eat them our of the jar; serve as a side accompaniment to any meal.

Our pickled beets date back generations to the time my grandparents grew and canned everything they possible could as farmers in mid-Michigan. This classic recipe has an apple cider vinegar base sweetened with cane sugar and finished with a mix of spices including cinnamon stick, cloves and all spice, creating delicious brine that pickles the beets as they absorb the distinctive flavors. Pickled beet connoisseurs love them and keep coming back for more. But even more rewarding is when we when over those skeptics, young and old, who scrunch their nose at the mention of pickled beets, but accept the challenge to try just one. We take great pride in the numerous newcomers to the world of pickled beets we have won over since beginning our company.

RZ Pond7525 2 Pickled Beets

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