Jams and Jellies – 9 ounces $7

Suggested Uses: In addition to the obvious addition of jams and jellies to toast, English muffins and bagels, our jams and jellies are used as sandwich spreads with specialty cheeses and crackers and as glazes on grilled meat and fish. Pepper jellies are especially popular as a finishing spread on grilled salmon, whitefish and chicken.

Check out our variety of jams and jellies that keeps on growing. Let us know if there’s something special you’d like us to make. We make our jams and jellies when the fruits are ripe and ready for processing. Sometimes we sell out, but it’s never long before we are back at it making more.

Our cupboard currently has Blueberry Jam, Grape Jelly, Hot Pepper Jam, Red Pepper Jelly, Strawberry Jalapeno Jam and Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam. We are hoping to bring tart cherry preserves to customers in 2019.


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