Bread & Butter Pickles – Pints $7

Recipe for Smoked Salmon Dip

2 TBS chopped of Mother Mary’s Canning Co. bread and butter pickles

3 TBS of aioli dressing (mayonnaise and lemon juice)

1 TBS of chopped fresh dill

Mix ingredients and serve at room temperature over smoked salmon

Suggested uses: Top deli sandwiches, pork barbecue, sloppy joes, bread and fry, add to Hollandaise sauce to give eggs benedict a boost – 1 TBS to 1 cup of sauce, use with specialty cheeses/crackers, German potato salad – add juice and pickles, dress up favorite deviled egg and potato salad recipes, use on charcuterie boards, serve with bread and butter

Bread and butter pickles gained popularity during the Great Depression when many people, even in cities, had gardens producing an abundance of cucumbers. Fresh cucumber sandwiches were served between slices of bread and butter with salt and pepper and are still popular today in certain circles. However, the name is believed to have originated when a family that had an abundance of cucumbers made the sweet and tangy bread and butter pickles recipe, preserving them for use throughout the year. The popular pickles were used by this family to barter for bread and butter staples. Eventually many uses were enjoyed, including serving them with bread and butter and including them on the table as a regular addition to the evening meal. Mother Mary’s Canning Co. bread and butter pickles are a long-held family recipe and include onions in the mix.

RZ Pond7532 B+B Pickles


  1. Cassandra

    Would it be possible to place a small order of your bread and butter pickles? I fell in love with them at the farmers market in downtown Marquette and I’ve been craving them but can’t find any in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. I’d be willing to pay for shipping of course.


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