Apple Butter – 9 ounces $7

Suggested uses: Serve with specialty sandwiches, cheeses and crackers, peanut butter sandwich, toast, muffins and bagels, warm slightly for ice-cream topping, dip for fresh apples, use on charcuterie boards

Given the huge success of our gourmet applesauce, it made sense to develop equally delicious apple butter. The thick, tart and sweet result was an instant hit. Our apple butter stands out among the masses. Complimentary varieties of apples are initially cooked in apple cider and retain their tart and fresh flavor after being cooked for a long time. It is one of our favorite products to make. Apples soaked in cider, highlighted with cinnamon and clove cooking slowly all day fill the room with a heavenly scent.

RZ Pond7569 Apple Butter

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