Corn Relish – Pints $7

Corn relish Southwest salsa

One pint of Mother Mary’s Canning Co. Corn Relish

One can of black beans, drained and rinsed

Chopped fresh cilantro

Chopped fresh jalapeno

Chopped fresh tomato

Chopped avocado (optional)

Mix ingredients and top with avocado. Serve with your favorite corn chip

Suggested uses: Brats, dogs, burgers, pork barbecue and tacos, add to white and red chili, serve as accompaniment to grilled fish and chicken, waken up quinoa, couscous or rice, and eat right out of the jar or with corn chips

The key to this unique corn relish is its freshness with Michigan Corn that is processed as soon as it is picked. We add our special mix of ingredients including cabbage, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, red pepper, onion, celery and a grouping of special secret spices that takes it over the top. A variation of a recipe found in one of my mother’s old canning books, our special touch to the Corn Relish makes it one of our products that comes to the top on the list of favorites of family and friends.

RZ Pond7527 Corn RElish

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