Applesauce – Pints $7, Quarts $11

Suggested uses: Eat out of jar warm or cold, serve over ice cream or pound cake, make Applesauce Popsicles, use as a substitute for vegetable oil when baking.


Our signature specialty food item, gourmet Applesauce was the first product produced for sale by Mother Mary’s Canning Company. A combination of several heirloom apples, the delicious blend of tart Michigan apples, cane sugar, lots of cinnamon and a touch of salt always receives rave reviews and is often characterized as “apple pie in a jar.” We hand mill our apples, and the resulting deep pink sauce reflects the red apple skins. A volunteer project for a local Girl Scout troop involved sharing the recipe and process during a day-long canning session. The girls presold quarts of the thick and creamy sauce. It was such a hit the troop continued the tradition under the auspices of Mother Mary for the next three years. It became the single largest fund-raising effort in the area for the local troop and the idea for Mother Mary’s Canning Company was born. We purchase many of our apples locally in Cheboygan County at Golden River Orchard.



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